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My husband and I along with our two children live in Clanfield in Hampshire. We fell in love with Labradoodles and bred our first litter of Labradoodle puppies in 2008. We own 4 breeding females and one male dog. The girls, Moe, Noodles, Maisie and Lulu are all related and are all second multi generation Labradoodles and also 50/50 Australian. Our male dog is Bugsy a black F2 Labradoodle, he is also the brother of the girls. There is also Molly; she is an F1 but not related to any of our other Labradoodles. The newer addition is Lulu and she is too young to  breed at  the moment. We have close links to two of Lulu's sisters Florence & Poppy. Please click on all the links below you will see all out recommendation also there are link to hundreds of pics. in the past 6 months we have sent over 6000 Videos and Pics Through Whats App. Thre are to maby to put on the website but we have added hundreds and being updates all the time. Our old website we at to close down as there was to many pics and videos on it. We will be having four litters in 2015, two of which will be 50/50 mated with ludo and the other two will be full Australian.



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Please take the time to read some of our recent recommendations from every puppy owner. If you would like to verify any of these recommendations, your more than welcome to speak to them direclty. We have taken one and put it on this page below as i think it explains every thing about us. Above there are links to hundreds of photo's and lots of recommendations



Hampshire Labradoodles should provide the benchmark for all breeders.  Buying a puppy from Louis and Fran is not a transaction, it's an all round experience.  


Searching the internet for hours, staring at adverts with blurred photos of puppies from questionable breeders, coming across Hampshire Labradoodles's web page was like a breath of fresh air.  I immediately called Louis and embarked on a thoroughly enjoyable journey from a vague interest in dog ownership to the proud owner of a Hampshire Labradoodle puppy.   And I am proud, immensely proud, as I feel we are very lucky to have one of their puppies.


Every contact I have had with Louis has been friendly, informative and professional.  We have been kept informed of events from the moment she was born and encouraged to visit as often as possible.  From four weeks we have been able to watch her, via a webcam, interact with her brothers and sisters in their very own, specially designed, puppy house.  It's such a thrill to be able to see her at anytime of the day.


Not only have we made friends with Louis and Fran, their clever use of What's App has brought us together with all those buying Tiggy's siblings.  Each day this forum is full of fun messages, videos and photographs, discussing the puppies progress and antics.  We have also been put in contact with the owners of older puppies (from previous litters) allowing us to ask questions and seek advice preparing us for the weeks to come.  In fact, every effort has been made to ensure we are happy and educated about our decision.  


Most importantly though, the  puppies have been exceptionally well cared for with round the clock attention, socialisation and bucket loads of love. Louis and Fran are very experienced breeders and their love for their dogs is obvious in all that they do.  As a result of their approach, I feel fully prepared and content in the knowledge that Tiggy has had the very best start in life.


I can't thank you both enough as I know without you, I'd still be staring at online puppy adverts. Instead, I'm writing this testimonial, full of excitement, as we wait to bring Tiggy home.  


Louise T

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